Levels & Classes

At The Mulcahy Academy of Irish Dance


Classes are available for students of all age groups, from beginner to advanced.


Our Pre-Beginner class is a perfect start for any toddler ages 3-4, and in some cases some children have even begun as early as 2 ½ years old. A pre-beginner class is the perfect way to introduce your little one to Irish dancing. This class focuses on the early fundamentals of Irish dance. Starting at a young age the dancer is able to acquire Irish dancing skills and an ear for the music.


Our beginner class is for any dancer ages 5 and up who are in the first year of Irish dancing. Here they will learn all of the skills necessary to build a strong foundation in Irish dance. All of our beginners are given an extremely thorough education in all fundamentals in Irish dance that sets them up to have great success throughout their lives in Irish Dance.

Beginner/Adv. Beginner 8+

This class is for dancers over the age of 8 that are in the beginning stage of Irish Dance.

This Class is perfect for any child that would like to learn Irish Dance for the first time, or a child returning to Irish Dance after some time off.

Advanced Beginner

Advanced Beginners are dancers that have completed one year of Irish Dancing at the beginner level.
These dancers will learn the fundamentals needed for a successful journey in Irish Step Dancing.


Novice Dancers are dancers that have done well
in advanced beginner level, so that Miss Erin feels they are ready to advance to the Novice level of competition and/or material for recreation and performances. This is also when most dancers will have moved into Hard Shoes.

Prize Winner

Prizewinner dancers are dancers that have done well learning all of the fundamentals of Irish dancing. These dancers have reached the final level of the Grade Dances and are preparing for Championship.

Preliminary Championship

You are now a Champion!
Preliminary is the entry level Championship.
This is where new Champion level dancers become familiar with the new world of being a championship Irish Dancer. Miss Erin will let you know when you are ready for your first Preliminary competition. All Preliminary dancers at The Mulcahy Academy have mastered both Heavy/Treble Jig and The Hornpipe at the Championship Speeds.

Open Championship

you have reached the final stages of regular competition in Irish Dance!
The fun and hard work is not over yet however. You now have all of the Major Competitions to qualify for and look forward to. We are very excited and so proud in seeing you qualify for the Regional Oireachtas, from there you have the opportunity to qualify for The
North American Irish Dance Championships,
Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne (The World Championships), and so many other
International and State Side Championships.


The Adult class is for dancers
18 and older of any level to get
back into or start learning the art and culture of Irish Dancing. If you have never participated in competitive Irish Dancing or have been out of competing for at least five years and are 18 or older you would be considered an Adult Irish Dancer. Whether you are looking to compete, get yourself back into Irish Dancing, or simply looking to try something new and fun this is a fabulous class for you. The Adults at Mulcahy have such a fantastic time
together and work both on their individual skills
and on group Ceili dancing. This class all around is a great experience!


2023/2024 Class Schedule

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